Making L&Q An Employer of Choice

CASE STUDY - develop an employer brand to attract new talented individuals and re-engage the existing workforce.

The Challenge:

Recently L&Q:

  • merged with East Thames HA
  • acquired Gallagher Estates
  • expanded into an ever increasing diversity of areas
  • was de-selected by Best Place to Work (first time in 15 years)
  • identified the need to increase diversity at a senior level.

It was time to develop their proposition – to discover and articulate what makes L&Q an employer of choice. The Employer Brand (EB) needed to attract new talented individuals and re-engage the existing workforce.

The Solution:

We developed a close partnership that was critical to our success.

For many years we have been working closely together and in many ways we feel part of the L&Q business.

We set up a steering group (people from across the business) and agreed the objectives:

  • Gain recognition from
  • Great Place to Work
  • Enhance L&Q's reputation - focus on social purpose

The research programme focused on three key strands:

  • L&Q staff - 30% of employees across all functions and locations
  • 1000+ potential candidatesk
  • 10 key competitors

A workshop with key stakeholders gave us a wealth of inspiration to develop the EVP - the framework for the L&Q EB. It is a balanced deal - we have ensured that the L&Q values are also now our employer promises.

We shared a summary of the findings with all staff via posters, Yammer and a blog.We developed creative work that was tested and developed further.

The Yellow Chair has become an emblem of our communications. We have taken it on tour to film L&Q people telling us their stories. Each location ensures the chair stands out incongruously and the stars bring along possessions from outside of work. They describe the reasons that make L&Q an employer of choice.

land q camera crew
l and q collage

LinkedIn was chosen as a key attraction & engagement platform. We have focused our attention on the top priorities. We have exciting plans for the future – including the careers section of the L&Q website.

The EB is managed by the Assistant Director HR in partnership with us. A copy reference book and training seminar enable a direct recruitment culture. L&Q hosted an all staff conference and used this as an opportunity to showcase the EB internally.

We also made a EVP film and created a new image bank.

The Results:

LinkedIn performance - 12 months:

  • Increased followers by over 350%
  • Impressions: 2,042,758
  • Clicks: 53,516
  • Engagement rate: 3.66%
  • Followers: 18.017+

Year-on-year diversity at a leadership level has increased.

  • Female representation from 27% to 31%
  • BAME representation from 24% to 33%
  • L&Q is ranked as a Great Place to Work

Chris Gillam

Assistant Director HR, L&Q

This work is highly valued at L&Q. And it’s amazing to see our people (the stars in the yellow chair) raising our employer brand profile on social media - it all fits together so well.


I get people asking me when the next instalment is and asking if they can appear in the yellow chair. Internally and externally it’s all making a very positive impact.

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