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Employer Brand Activation

Employer Brand Activation

Once you have discovered your EVP and created a water-tight model – we believe you should use it to change the way you do things.

You can influence and shape your employer brand – through a well-managed programme of marketing & communications.

Here are some of the things we'd think about:


Our creative thinking will be inspired and shaped by your Employee Value Proposition (EVP). The original idea will help to differentiate your employer brand from the competition. It will rhyme with your consumer/product/corporate brand – but it’s a different perspective.

Once you’re happy with the concept (and it has been validated in testing) we recommend developing a framework and guidelines. These will ensure that the investment you have made in the creative development will be consistently implemented. A toolkit of core assets will also provide your team and other agencies the resources they need to make employer brand materials.

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Before anyone else, we believe you should share your new employer brand with everyone in your organisation. There’s a good reason for this: your people will become your most powerful advocates and thus need to be immersed. It’s also a great way of engaging with your workforce and reminding them (if they didn’t already know) why you are an employer of choice.

It’ll furnish them with the answer to the question: “Why do you work here?”. We’ll help you ensure your leaders are fluent in your new brand because the way they talk about it will have huge influence. Also identify and “recruit” ambassadors who can help you spread the word internally and launch externally.

The most authentic way of sharing your employer brand will be through employees’ stories and their own content.

Scoping & Planning


This is your opportunity to reveal your new brand to the world. This will be the start of repositioning – answering: what makes your organisation an employer of choice?

We know the launch is only the start – but it’s a great opportunity to grab attention and reset perceptions. Get everyone involved – they will help amplify your message. We’ll support you with our strategic thinking, we’ll make the available budget reach as far as possible and set your employer brand off on its voyage with bunting and celebrations.

Scoping & Planning


Attracting talented individuals might be high on your list of priorities – it’s often one of the driving factors to developing your employer brand. There’ll be some key channels and platforms that need to be thought about – the career pages on your website, social media banners & content, advertising campaigns and your application & hiring process.

But don’t forget to brief your other partners e.g. contingent agencies and head hunters – they need to understand and communicate the core messages about your employer brand consistently. And what about your internal hiring process and your employee referral programme? The framework developed during creative process will provide the guidelines that ensure all of these voices remain in harmony.

Managed well - there’ll be plenty of room for expression, localisation and transcreation.

Scoping & Planning


Having attracted and selected new stars to join - get them excited and ready to make an impact as soon as they start. Their smooth transition from another job or education or whatever else they have been doing will set them off to a great start on their career with you.

Yes there’ll be admin to sort out – policies and contracts etc., but also think about how you can introduce your organisation to them before they start. What information will they benefit from, who do they need to know and how will they make a great success of their career with you?

We can help you devise a programme of communications, choose and configure a platform (if needed) and make the time from offer acceptance to induction the start of a great experience.

Scoping & Planning

Diversity & Inclusion

For many organisations D & I will naturally enrich their employer brand – it’s part of the DNA isn’t it? Others might need to work harder to achieve the balance they are looking for – at a senior level in their organisation or maybe they’re a STEM employer and as such have a restricted pool of qualified individuals to fish from.

How will you ensure your content avoids bias? Is the copy in your adverts on your website putting off a diverse response? What new initiatives could be promoted through your employer brand.

We’re brimming with ideas that’ll support your objectives.

Scoping & Planning
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