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Internal Communications

We believe that most of what you're about to say externally should be shared with your people first. That's because your team are the most effective external channel available - as your brand advocates.

Brand Values

Have you identified your brand values and is everyone living them? Do all your departments and teams have a common purpose? What do you need to change about the culture?


Questions that you might already be asking yourself and challenges that we can help you solve through a structured inside out initiative.

A blended approach

Given the right material and encouragement your people can be heard saying great things about your brand on social media, over a cuppa or at the Taekwondo class.


Closely linked to our “Employer Brand” offering, we use a blend of approaches including appreciative enquiry, engagement surveys and stakeholder consultation so we can get to the heart of the problem and develop creative multi-channel solutions that will make things happen.

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