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Employer Branding

As Jack Welch said: “If we don’t get the people thing right, we lose; it is the most important thing in all our businesses”.
We will help you attract, retain and motivate those brilliant individuals who make your organisation what it is.

Employee Value Proposition

The starting point is to define the Employee Value Proposition – the deal struck between employer and employee. Through a tailored blend of research, analysis and consultation we’ll develop a model that is uniquely yours – providing the bedrock for employer brand development.

Going Live

To bring it all to life we can help by developing everything from your careers website to channels planning/buying to social engagement - all brimming with creative, engaging content.

So whether you are recruiting in Beijing or Birmingham, online or on-campus, Dawson Walker can make it happen.

Early Careers - Building Relationships


The bigger picture

Early Careers marketing is not just about making sure your audience knows who you are and what you have to offer, it’s also about starting a conversation and building lasting relationships early on. So when that perfect candidate is ready to join the working world, it’s you they’ll think of first.

Our approach

Whether you want to attract graduates, interns, apprentices or school leavers, our tried and tested methodology remains the same. We’ll thoroughly research and understand your particular challenge, and propose a creative, multi-channel strategy that delivers positive results. And we’ll do it all seamlessly and rigorously on a global scale with localised knowledge.

Early Careers Services

  • School, College and University engagement
  • Ambassadors
  • Understanding the audiences/motivations
  • Understanding the influencers
  • Advice and support
  • Competitive market place
  • Challenges & opportunities – e.g Brexit, fees, social mobility
  • Innovation

Employer brand news

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