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CASE STUDY - Bringing L&Q’s employer brand to life across social media platforms

L&Q is a regulated charitable housing association and one of the UK’s most successful independent social businesses. The L&Q Group houses around 250,000 people in more than 95,000 homes, primarily across London and the South East.

The Challenge:

Before we started, L&Q had disappointing levels of engagement on social media, especially on their LinkedIn channel with just under 4,500 followers and only a couple of posts a year. On Twitter, the content was very news focused but lacked in any employer brand content. On Facebook, their updates were only customer focused, dealing with day-to-day customer complaints, with no company information. The team didn’t frequently use their internal social media platform Yammer to promote employer brand updates.

As part of their HR strategy L&Q was looking to increase its profile on social media to attract new talented individuals and re-engage the existing workforce.

With our expertise in Employer Brand and Social Media Management Chris Gillam Assistant Director HR discussed her current challenges with us, for which we had the perfect solution.

The Solution:

After undergoing a full audit of L&Q’s social media channels and agreeing key KPIs we provided Chris and the team with a strategy and editorial plan suitable for all their channels.

The main focus of our social media strategy for L&Q was to make sure both current and future employees could find out more about the culture of the company, what values they have and what opportunities are available. Having recently developed L&Q’s Employer Brand, we used our EVP framework to develop content. Our plan had a blend of news updates, employee and customer case studies as well as recent job opportunities. It was important that all content used either videos or photos to enhance each post.

Central to our editorial plans were the people that make L&Q such a great place to work. We got the opportunity to spend time and talk to key L&Q employees from a great variety of departments and functions such as Care Workers, Direct Maintenance Teams, Finance Directors, Lettings Managers and Development Interns but also part time mums and paternity dads. We really wanted to make sure we had a focus on both their personal and work life. These interviews were then transformed into written case studies or short films know around the Business as the “Yellow Chair” interviews. These were instrumental in the success of L&Q’s social media channels.

With approval on the plan we were able to start work on the channels; this included daily content management and moderation, weekly content reviews with key stakeholders and detailed analytics and reports.


The Result:

Within the first 8 months of starting the programme, we had already achieved great numbers; L&Q’s LinkedIn followers had increased by 249%, with an average engagement rate of 3.38% and a 2.38% click through rate to L&Q’s career website. Over the past 12 month and with company updates 7 days a week the numbers have stayed high; with 2,000,000 total impressions, 80,000 video views, 21,000 likes and 600 comments and counting.

Twitter and Yammer now have 3 posts a week dedicated to employer brand updates and Facebook has been used to promote key job opportunities.

Chris Gillam, Assistant Director HR, L&Q

The work Dawson Walker was able to achieve has been tremendous, everyone around the business always comments on our social media channels, telling me that it’s now their main sources for company updates and they love watching videos and learning about their colleagues with our Yellow Chair initiative.

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