L&Q’s Yellow Chair

CASE STUDY - Making people profile films that are different, engaging and effective.

The Challenge:

Having recently developed L&Q’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP) this project was focused on developing new compelling content to bring that EVP to life. How could we get across the key themes of the EVP in an authentic and engaging way?


The Solution:

We knew that the best way of telling this story would be through L&Q people.

We decided that video would be the right medium – our primary channel was going to be LinkedIn. But we wanted to make these films compelling, not just standard profile films.

Our idea was to use the yellow chair prop as a consistent theme, filming L&Q people sitting in the yellow chair in incongruous situations – hence we’ve filmed in a lift, in the back of a van and on a roof top to name a few locations.

We also invited our wonderful L&Q stars to bring something that was important to them from outside of work – we wanted to share a rounded view of L&Q people.

We created a discussion guide that helped us to focus on the EVP themes and working closely with Chris Gillam at L&Q identified individuals to film.

We wanted to get across the diversity of people, jobs and locations – the yellow chair and film style would be consistent throughout.

When it came to editing we made one long version of each profile and also a bundle of short soundbites that were suitable for social media. We worked closely with our Brilliant partners at Summer Isle Films to create and produce these films.

The Result:

The yellow chair has now become an emblem of the L&Q employer brand, but it’s the amazing people who sit in it and share their stories who are bringing the brand to life.

Over the past year there have been more than 19,300 views of the films on LinkedIn helping us to increase the number of followers of the L&Q Company page and level of engagement dramatically. More people at L&Q are keen to get involved and as we tell more and more stories from the yellow chair we are able to convey an ever-richer diversity of people and experiences.

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