Graduate attraction campaign for Rio Tinto - Dawson Walker

Graduate attraction campaign for Rio Tinto


Dawson Walker co-ordinated a global graduate attraction campaign working with key partners in Canada, USA.

The Challenge:

Rio Tinto is a dynamic business – constantly responding to market pressures and opportunities. Inevitably this affects hiring numbers around the world. Our brief was to set-up and co-ordinate a global graduate attraction campaign.


Dawson Walker was uniquely positioned in already having a network of recruitment marketing agencies. In particular Rio Tinto needed us to be able to provide graduate attraction camapign expertise, local recruitment market in : Canada, India, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mongolia, Namibia, Singapore, USA.

The Solution:

We already had brilliant partners across our network in all of the countries except for Namibia and Mauritius.

So we quickly set about researching and via our connections in Africa were soon developing new relationships with a couple of agencies in Mauritius and Namibia.


The planning

We invested plenty of time into briefing all of the agencies – ensuring they were ready to activate their markets if and when required.

Organising the paperwork ensuring everyone was aligned to the master agreement we had with Rio Tinto.

Central contact

Dawson Walker is to act as the central contact for the client (based in Australia), co-ordinating and directing the partner network – launching local attraction plans in a phased approach.

As it turned out the main focus of activity was in Canada and US where our partner agencies developed the gratuate recruitment campaigns largely focused on social media.

Target audience

Attracting responses from a diverse audience was important. The graduate recruitment campaign was a real opportunity to balance the workforce with a focus on gender, ethnicity and of course inclusion of the indigenous peoples.

The Result:

One of the advantages of co-ordinating a global network from the UK is being able to act seamlessly as a responsive time zone go between.

The campaign tested a number of creative messaging routes developed from the EVP. By carefully monitoring response we were able to refine the content served in each market optimising it for best results.

In Canada our local agency partners also translated all messaging into French Canadian.

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