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The Challenge:

One of our initiatives in response to COVID-19 was to offer our support to organisations who deliver care & support services to vulnerable people. This was an opportunity for us to “give back” with some of our professional expertise and advice.

Look Ahead supports thousands of people across London and the South East with a diverse range of needs, helping them to make individual choices, achieve goals and take control of their own lives by providing tailor-made support, care and accommodation services.

They were finding it challenging to attract talented individuals who shared their values and had the qualities they were looking for to work as Support Workers, helping young people and care leavers who for many different reasons may need extra support.

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The Solution:

Having discussed the challenges that Look Ahead faced in more detail we proposed to develop a number of personas (semi-fictional characters) to help the marketing team at Look Ahead understand their target recruits better.

To do this right we interviewed 16 current Support Workers all working at Look ahead but in different schemes. We spoke to an amazing set of individuals who candidly shared their motivations, frustrations and aspirations with us.

We took notes and used a bot to help us transcribe the conversations and then taking a matrix approach used those structured conversations to develop common themes.

The Result:

The 16 conversations helped us to develop four distinct personas – each representing a realistic segment of their target audience. The team at Look Ahead have warmly received this work. It will help them as they develop their recruitment marketing strategy and employer communications.

Claudia Bartram, Deputy Director of People

The team quickly understood our requirements and worked closely with our internal teams to ensure they got the information we needed quickly and easily. The insights they have presented to us have really helped inform our recruitment approach and how we can better find people who will thrive in our organisation.

Amanda Marques, Director, Cohesion Recruitment

We’ve been developing a values-based recruitment approach with Look Ahead and so I was delighted to introduce Dawson Walker to Claudia, Cat and the team at Look Ahead – I knew they could enhance their employer communications. The personas that they’ve developed are a fantastic reference tool and really help us to focus on their key audiences.

Cat Snyder, Communications Manager, Look Ahead

The team at Dawson Walker effectively illustrated the ‘typical’ staff in our young people services with personas giving insights that we can use for our marketing and recruitment activities. In the process, the team effectively listened to our common challenges and offered actionable recommendations which will certainly make a difference.

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