Our great film and photography partners

We have an extensive network of tried and trusted film and photography partners

We are fortunate, here at Dawson Walker, to have an extensive network of tried and trusted film and photography partners, with a huge range of expertise including: editors, producers, journalistic photographers, sound engineers and animators from over 50 agencies in 30 countries, who work with us on a tremendous diversity of projects. ​

There is an amazingly rich choice of channels to explore and a fantastic variety of content to create. We enjoy working with focused specialists who really know their subject – that way we can be confident we are delivering powerful, germane solutions. Together we are specialists in everything. We work with partners to provide our clients with bespoke solutions that can be delivered on a global, regional and national scale. We have the ability to reach far and wide and enjoy the agility and impartiality of being an independent agency.


Summer Isle Films

"Working with Dawson Walker has been fantastic, we've had the opportunity to film and interview people in some really incongruous locations making the production and art directions really interesting for us. Our relationship with Dawson Walker goes back a few years and we’ve always enjoyed the challenging and creative projects we get to work on together."


Tony Fisher, Head of Media and Production, Quantum Digital

“We have known Dawson Walker for many years and it’s always a pleasure working with them. Our recent projects; a 360 degree dome experience and 8K animation film was an interesting and challenging project where our animation team embraced Dawson Walker's creative concepts and the final production is stunning."

Simon Lee - Photographer

Simon Lee - Photographer

“As an independent photographer, I always enjoy collaborating with Dawson Walker. Working together on projects where my photos are used to develop creative concepts into real deliverables is great."

Joanna Soler

Account Manager, Dawson Walker

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Simon on a number of shoots and his journalistic style has really brought our creative concepts to life. Tony and the team at Quantum Digital are real experts in animation and virtual reality experiences, they understand the importance of creating innovative visual content. Tom, owner of Summer Isle Films, has some amazing production and editorial skills, taking the best out of each interview and always making sure our interviewees feel comfortable during filming.

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