From Fitzroy Street to the Champs-Élysées via the Snow-Capped Peaks

Delphine picks up the story:

We make it happen…not just at work!

Last Sunday was the Paris Marathon 2015. I was lucky to get a place in this race with my brother, David, as part of the Schneider Electric team (Ed – hence the green shirt). I’ve been training and looking forward to it since January.

But then I had a road accident at the end of March, I was not so sure I would be able to run it with him. [Ed – Delph’s mash-up with a car badly bruised her foot – I gather these are important for running!] But I decided to give it a go even if I would have to stop at some point. Eventually I was ok on the day and had enough strength for two…


In fact, it was a long way to the finish line for my brother because he started suffering from cramps and back pain after 35K…But thanks to my mental support (Ed – ahhhhh the power of sisterly love) I motivated him to carry on slowly and ‘never never never give up’ as Winston Churchill said once. And as well as that motivation he needed physical support (stretching his legs when he had cramps). He finished beside me in his first marathon in 5h14. That’s us crossing the line in the above photo.

I’m very proud of David and happy to see that being together until the end gave him the strength to push further. We made it. ‘One team, one dream’ is my motto and this time we indeed made the dream come true! We are finishers of Paris marathon 2015. (Ed – what a feet!?)

Often people see running as a very individual sport…I disagree, it can be shared and enjoyed together. I’ll never stop motivating friends and family to go for a run in nature with me!

Now is time for resting and to enjoy a pint in the local pub with the DWC team.

Adam Winterton said,

We are all in awe of our colleague Delphine. She runs to work, up and down snowy mountains and recently has completed the Paris Marathon – what an athlete!

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