Kayleigh’s remote onboarding experience

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When I first began my internship at Dawson Walker, which was just over one month ago, I was confident that I would be provided an effective and enjoyable onboarding experience, despite the challenges that come with remote working. And I was not wrong. From day one, I couldn’t have asked for a warmer welcome from the team, who have helped me settle in so quickly.

Many of my new colleagues have kindly taken time out of their busy schedules to have one-to-ones with me. This has been a massive help with developing my knowledge and understanding of various areas of the business. So far, I’ve had the opportunity to learn so much about virtual events, employer branding, social media, and PR - just to name a few! These virtual one to ones not only enhance my knowledge of DWC, but they have massively supported with getting to know my new team, and them getting to know me.

Some may say adapting to remote work is challenging, especially when trying to maintain a professional headspace in the comfort of your own home. Personally, I have found that waking up even just twenty minutes before I may need to, gives me that extra time in the morning to prepare my mindset, ready for an exciting day ahead. I have also found that the simple things like keeping my desk tidy (as possible), as I would in an office setting, helps to maintain an organised and functional work environment at home.

Overall, the virtual onboarding experience has been great so far. I feel confident in my role thanks to the great support and mentoring I’ve received, plus with technology being so advanced and user friendly, I find the challenge of communication when working remotely has disappeared. That being said, last Friday I finally had the pleasure of meeting the majority of the DWC team in person for the first time! This was a lovely experience and I look forward to the remainder of my internship both virtually and with the potential of more in person meet ups.

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