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Virtual Events

A virtual event can be a small intimate conference for a leadership team or an all staff conference for thousands of people. It might be a trade show or a training programme or a press launch. Perhaps you want to host an open evening to attract new staff or launch a new product to your customers. An exhibition or fashion show, a sales conference or a brand new launch - any event can be made in the virtual world.

Thanks to our team of experts, we can provide the complete virtual event package of designing, configuring and managing a programme of engaging and immersive virtual events that are cost-effective, reliable and user friendly.

The team at Dawson Walker comes with considerable event management experience and we work with an extended team of expert partners (e.g. AV + streaming, video conferencing and event platforms) to help us deliver a complete virtual event solution that:

  • is well-attended, following a planned programme of communications and promotions,
  • provides an amazing, branded, bespoke experience
  • informs and excites participants
  • enables productive group and face-to-face conversations,
  • delivers a platform that is rich in resources and easy to navigate,
  • is available across time-zones, in local languages and on-demand,
  • is 100% configurable and interactive.

There are a number of compelling reasons to host your event virtually:


Virtual events support our drive for a carbon neutral world


No travel, no accommodation, no catering saves money


Join from your home, office or during your commute and consume the content at a time to suit you


The virtual world is a fantastic, immersive place to connect with your customers, staff and influencers

Planning a Virtual Event

Creating an immersive virtual environment allows you to let your imagination run wild - you can make it look like a conference centre, your offices, a glade in a forest or why not take your audience out of this world? The venue is a great way of expressing your brand and also creating sponsorship opportunities if appropriate. You can even welcome people with a recognisable friendly face - a bespoke Avatar. A secure registration system will keep out gate crashes and allow delegates to set up short personal profiles.

A topical theme that is relevant to the event you are planning will help you to promote the event and also identify speakers and subjects for discussion. Remember there are no travel constraints so your contributors can come from far and wide. You can play back recordings and your audience will assume (if you want them to) that they are live. Also think about live streaming some content - this will enable you to include topical news and enable discussion. The content that your chosen speakers deliver is critical to a successful event - so they will appreciate a thorough briefing and a technical rehearsal. Encourage your delegates to participate with live polls, Q&A sessions and workshops.

Virtual events are great sponsorship opportunities and thus can be a source of income for you. If you are comfortable with that, then think about the different opportunities you can offer. One of the most popular is an exhibition hall with stands that can be configured for sponsors and exhibitors. If you do end up selling stand space then making sure that those stands are attracting lots of positive visits is important to ensure your sponsors enjoy a great experience. Gamification can encourage attendees to visit stands and also encourage other desired visitor behaviours.

Devise ways of encouraging your delegates to network with each other. Remember you can make this as interesting as you like by integrating meeting platforms and making the most of their different functionalities. An effective team on the day(s) of the event will also help facilitate this. Ensure there is a searchable database of attendees and also more detailed biographies for speakers.

There are always last minute changes to events and although speakers won't get caught in traffic, they might have broadband challenges. Ensure you have a Plan B ready and we believe that if you button everything down well in advance, then during the event it is much easier to cope with dynamic changes and challenges. Provide delegates with plenty of guidance & support and ensure the help desk is ready to resolve all queries. You can use the analytics to make tactical communication decisions broadcasting messages to encourage delegates to attend a key note speech for example.

After the event, analysing the data reports on activity will help you understand which the most popular sessions were, how long delegates spent visiting stands, how many resources they downloaded and much more. This will help with your planning for a subsequent event and also will be useful reporting for your sponsors and partners.

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