From Our French Intern Félix

We have a new intern at DWC


Here are a few words from Félix:

"My name is Félix Denaiffe. I have been here for the past three weeks, for my first time as an intern in London. I have enjoyed my time here and wanted to share my experience and what I have learnt.

I come from France and am twenty years old. I study in a school that prepares students for the entrance requirements of a well-known French business school of management, which is why I came here to acquire experience in Marketing and Communications. I have been living in Earl’s Court with my sister and her husband who are residents here.

The team who work here have made me feel very welcome and I have discovered an atmosphere where there is a great complicity, making it a very pleasant place to work. Dawson Walker have taught me what they do on a daily basis, what projects they are working on and how they have created positive relationships with their clients throughout the years. During my time, I have realised that building strong relationships with clients is essential to maintain a climate of trust and confidence. I have also discovered their very strong teamwork in which we can see that faith in each other is the main advantage of their success.

Working in London has also allowed me to get accustomed to this town and to discover most of its traditions and its many pubs. I really hope to live and work here one day. I would say Hyde Park and Borough market are my favourite places here.

I didn’t really know what kind of work I wanted to do before this internship. Today, I have the feeling that I know more and more what my objectives are and how to make them possible in order to work in a place that I could enjoy.

That’s why I want to thank Dawson Walker’s team so much for their guidance during my internship by giving me the chance to work with them and by showing me a way to my potential future."

The team has thoroughly enjoyed having Felix and thank him for his help and contributions. We wish him all the best for the rest of his studies!

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