Our brilliant creative partners

We have an extensive network of brilliant tried and trusted creative partners

We are fortunate, here at Dawson Walker, to have an extensive network of tried and trusted creative partners, with a huge range of expertise including: employer branding, design, creative thinking and writing from over 50 agencies in 30 countries, who work with us on a tremendous diversity of projects. ​

There is an amazingly rich choice of channels to explore and a fantastic variety of content to create. We enjoy working with focused specialists who really know their subject – that way we can be confident we are delivering powerful, germane solutions. Together we are specialists in everything. We work with partners to provide our clients with bespoke solutions that can be delivered on a global, regional and national scale. We have the ability to reach far and wide and enjoy the agility and impartiality of being an independent agency.

Often the key ingredient to any successful marketing/brand strategy is great creative ideas. We are fortunate to work with some fantastic conceptualisers, designers, copywriters and art directors.


Neil Harvey, Independent Creative Director

“My relationship with the team at Dawson Walker is very special – they fuel my imagination with inspiring briefs enabling me to focus on creative strategy and concepts that I’m really proud of. Together we find authentic brand stories that give the businesses we work with something to celebrate.”


Jan Lewis, Senior Art Director

"I love working with the team at Dawson Walker. I've known some of them for many, many years and have had the opportunity to collaborate on some really interesting projects together. They trust me to get on with the job and always ensure I have everything I need. Such an efficient and likeable bunch is a rare find."


Ilinca Croome, Art Director of Ideailly

“Although I'm an independent creative, I really feel at home with Dawson Walker. They trust my design instincts and give me the space to express some great ideas."


Craig Robinson, Strategic Copywriter and Film Director

“Since giving up the rat race in London and joining the country-life in Suffolk, the team at Dawson Walker keep me connected with global brands and some incredibly interesting and challenging projects. Working in a creative partnership with Neil again has been great and I think recently we've created some of our best employer brand work ever.”

Adam Winterton

Dawson Walker

"I'm incredibly lucky - being able to bring together amazing creative minds to help cook up superb solutions".

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