Hurdling The Great Fire Wall of China - Dawson Walker

Hurdling The Great Wall of China

Over 7 million students will graduate from Chinese Universities in 2013 and around another half million Chinese students will graduate from Universities outside of China – so how and where will you reach them, what motivates them, and how best to engage with them?


In February 2012 for a short window of about 48 hours the people of the Peoples’ Republic of China were able to access Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, but ever since the national fire-wall has been firmly back in place. This prompted us to think again about the challenges we face in advising our clients on their recruitment marketing strategies and encouraged us to prepare some research into a topic that impacts many global organisations. Our findings, case studies and insights became the subject of an AGR Workshop in 2012 and are the results of a collaboration between Dawson Walker Communications and our partners Future Ink and Maximum.

Our delving can be categorised under these four sections:

  1. The "lucky" seven rules to engaging with Chinese people in China
  2. The findings of focus groups with under-grads in UK and in China
  3. An overview of the social media scene in China
  4. Some example case studies featuring global employers and how they have over-come some interesting challenges.
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