How is Covid-19 affecting your brand? - Dawson Walker

How is Covid-19 Affecting Your Brand?

If you can spare 5 to 10 minutes, we’d welcome your response.

To better understand how employers are adapting and responding to the challenges we’re all facing, we’ve developed an online survey- and we’d welcome your response.

As the world comes to grips with the effects of Covid-19, businesses and organisations alike are facing unprecedented challenges. Many are rising to that challenge with amazing humanity and shared compassion. With millions of people working remotely, there is now more than ever a greater reliance on technology and finding new ways of communication. As we adjust to this new normal, we believe there is perhaps no better time to develop and build upon your employer brand.

To help achieve this, we’re inviting leaders and employees from across different industries to take part in our online survey, which explores the impact and response of organisations to Covid-19.

With twelve targeted questions, we aim to build a deeper insight into the challenges, strategies and opportunities that your organisations are currently experiencing.

If you can spare 5 to 10 minutes, we’d welcome your response:

As part of this study, we’re delighted to share the thoughts of some of our clients, partners and colleagues:

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