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Get to Know Emmie

Get to Know Emmie

Account Executive, Dawson Walker Communications
What attracted you to the role at Dawson Walker?

Having the opportunity to work for Dawson Walker was a prospect that filled me with excitement. Working for a creative marketing agency felt like the next step in my journey after completing my Ba in Fine Art last year at Central Saint Martins.

The role offered me more than just a job; it provided a pathway to cultivate my creative skillset within a dynamic commercial environment. I was eager to explore the profound impact of media and creative strategies in driving successful marketing campaigns and explore this through the possibilities of digital technology. Dawson Walker, with its reputation for innovation and excellence, felt like the perfect place to embark on this new adventure.

Could you share a memorable project from your academic experience that highlights your creative abilities?

In my final university project, I explored the relationship between art and the urban environment, investigating how individuals experience 'space' and 'place' through their individual subjectivities. I used 'walking' as a research method and ‘found’ materials to examine how different bodies were permitted to occupy different public spaces, often turning my findings into curated performances across London, which I documented and later edited into short video pieces.

My focus was on making visually manifest the social contracts governing public spaces, influenced by my research on 'Foucault's Panopticon', which explores how bodies are self-regulating in public space. I was also heavily influenced by the writing of Sarah Ahmed and Elizabeth Grosz – and artists like Valie Export and Gillian Wearing. I believe in the power of visual storytelling, which resonates with how media and marketing engage audiences. I am thrilled to return to the world of creative storytelling after a brief hiatus working in hospitality.

How has your first week working at Dawson Walker been?

I have already learnt so much during my first week at Dawson Walker. I have been involved with the storyboarding process for a film for an exciting new campaign and learning about the importance of a successful Employer Brand and what goes into generating an EVP, appreciating the extensive research, planning, and collaboration with Dawson Walker’s creative network in order to roll out an effective marketing campaign.

I have also been introduced to platforms for hosting immersive virtual events and the creative potential for online conferences and recruitment events is extremely exciting.

What are you looking forward to doing in the next 6 months at Dawson Walker?

I'm eager to collaborate with team members and our network of creative partners, delving into the branding process, and facilitating content creation and production. I am keen to explore the logistics of content coordination and learn how to leverage social media and marketing platforms effectively.

The Dawson Walker team have been so welcoming, and I feel lucky to have joined an organisation that fosters personal growth and development. I hope to learn as much as possible over the next 6 months and contribute to Dawson Walker’s mission to empower businesses and organisations to communicate their unique stories and values.  

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