Brexit and Graduate Recruitment in the UK

Has the employment brand in the UK been strengthened or weakened by Brexit?

The 2016 Brexit Referendum raised much discussion about the future of Britain, from both positive and negative perspectives.

Dawson Walker Director, Rob Smith, carried out a survey to find out if the Brexit result has weakened the UK’s graduate recruitment reputation. The survey was sent to graduate employers, as well as graduate media, marketing and recruitment service providers from all around the world.

The infographic below shows that the majority of those surveyed feel that the Brexit result has weakened the reputation of the UK as leading employer for graduates.


Employers in the UK must be diligent in strategic communications planning toward the graduate market. They must look at their value proposition and ensure it is proactive and reassuring. If employers do not like uncertainty, why would candidates?

Do you believe that the UK’s employment brand has been strengthened or weakened by Brexit? Let us know your thoughts.

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