An Amuse Bouche - Dawson Walker

An Amuse-Bouche

Part Two: Exploring innovation and discovering generational differences in the workplace.

Amouse Bouche Infographic

In Part One of our report we decribed a workshop we faciliatated at Dartmouth House. As part of our preparation for that we undertook a research project to develop a deeper understanding of how organisations are are currently using innovation to overcome their challenges. Our online survey was shared with key contacts via email and professional networking platforms and in just a couple of weeks attracted 81 completed responses.

Respondents are international and represent a wide range of organisations and sectors including: telecommunications, creative, logistics, housing, health, manufacturing, transport, civil engineering, technical, consulting and banking (81% private, 13% public and 6% third sector).

To whet your appetites we have prepared this amuse-bouche of an infographic. As well as exploring innovation we were also interested to discover more about the generational differences in the workplace.

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