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A virtual event partnership

A virtual event partnership

It was a pleasure working with Quartz Business Media (QBM) on their latest Future Steel Forum Digital and Future Aluminium Forum Digital virtual events.

After a few difficult experiences in the past with virtual platforms, Rebecca McConnell, Marketing and Events Specialist at QBM came to us for help with two virtual events.

They needed the platform to be: reliable, easy to navigate, with good networking capabilities, and cost effective. They also wanted to have some control over the build of the stands as this appeared to be a challenge with other platforms.

We knew we had the right platform for QBM and could build the two venues within a month of the go live dates.

The Aluminium virtual event was a two day show, with over 400 delegates, 40 exhibitors and 20 sessions. The Steel event was also a two day event with over 300 delegates, 20 exhibitors and 28 sessions.

To keep costs as low as possible we used our templated designs, adding the companies’ brand look and feel through-out. Our production team set up simu-live sessions and streamed live Zoom Q&A’s.

QBM enjoyed having admin access to the platform as it meant Event Operations Manager, Maisie Worster was very much part of the exhibition build. Maisie was also able to issue comms from the platform and review the detailed analytics.

Both events were well received by delegates from around the world who enjoyed the networking, and sessions content. Exhibitors were also pleased with leads received from the show and the sponsorship opportunities offered by the platform.

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Screenshot 2021-01-08 at 12.25.08
Screenshot 2021-01-08 at 11.56.37
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Rebecca McConnell

Marketing and Events Specialist, Quartz Business Media

We had a virtual expo and conference running today at Quartz Business Media and I can’t recommend Ralph Dawson and his team at Dawson Walker highly enough. The platform they have built for us is brilliant, and the technical support from the team first rate.

After much fishing around (and some pretty dreadful experiences of using other platforms) we have found a solution for a virtual event that seems to work for organisers, clients and attendees. A big thank you to everyone involved.

Ralph Dawson

MD, Dawson Walker

It was a real pleasure working with Rebecca and her team. We knew they had experienced a few ’challenges’ in the past but we were very confident our platform would work well for them.

We were delighted both events were a great success for QBM and we look forward to having the opportunity of working with Rebecca and her team in 2021.

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