A Team of Many Tongues - Dawson Walker

A Team of Many Tongues

We are pleased to announce that our intern Alexandra has graduated from Kings College London with a first in her BA French with English degree.

This got us thinking about the international nature of our team here at Dawson Walker, where many members of our team speaks at least two languages, if not more. As a result, we are expertly poised to capitalise on global communications opportunities.

With the Dawson Walker Network of international partners, we are able to provide our clients with support in any part of the world. Our partnerships give us the adaptability and flexibility to expand our team for large-scale projects, as well as provide insight into the local market trends.

Across our team, we speak English, French, German, Spanish and Romanian and we have successfully delivered for clients in Europe, Asia and the Americas. We’d like to know more about your projects, wherever they may take you so that we can create a plan to make them happen.

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