Tata Steel Graduate and Intern Attraction

CASE STUDY - Attract quality applicants for 170 graduate and placement vacancies across Tata Steel locations 

The Challenge:

Attract quality applicants for 170 graduate and placement vacancies (various engineering + support roles) across Tata Steel locations in UK. This was, in reality a ”booster” campaign that followed up on the direct on-campus and graduate directory work, devised by the Tata Steel Recruitment Team, already in place. A pipeline of potential applicants and candidates had been developed, but was not sufficient to fill vacancies.

  • Tata Steel employer brand is relatively low profile at Universities due to reduced needs in previous years
  • UK Graduate market highly competitive due to 11% (according to AGR) y-on-y increase in employers’ numbers
  • Perception challenge –e.g. “400 jobs to go Tata steelworks in Port Talbot” – Guardian
  • Timing – traditionally in UK graduates and placement opportunities are advertised September/October – the optimum time to attract good levels of positive response.

The Solution:

  • Our first priority was to mobilise a compelling campaign quickly – to boost the applicant and candidate pipelines as quickly as possible.
  • We included a broad range of different media and channels and devised a persuasive, creative campaign that would attract quality applicants.
  • In addition we wanted to explore and convert the potential of the existing pipeline of incomplete applications.
  • Although our plan was swiftly developed and implemented we ensured we devoted a substantial resource into the detailed planning.

The Result:

We knew that this exercise (tactical in its approach) was the start of a longer-term recruitment plan for Tata Steel and were keen to ensure we learnt as much as possible from it to inform the future approach. With access to the website analytics tool we have closely monitored and reported on the performance of each and every piece of marketing inventory.

This has also enabled us to take actions to optimise performance immediately but it will also help us to shape future plans. In addition we are launched surveys with applicants to increase our knowledge of the perceptions of Tata Steel as an employer.

We are convinced that the longer-term strategy should include a review of the candidate journey to ensure it is “best in class”.

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