Supply chain films for IT solutions giant Zetes - Dawson Walker

Supply chain films for IT solutions giant Zetes


Dawson Walker produced two supply chain films using animations and illustrations to showcase the benefits of Zetes complex tech products.

The Challenge:

Zetes is an innovative supply chain technology company who had been recently acquired by Panasonic.

Zetes were scheduled to exhibit at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January. This meant we needed to design, script and produce two videos in a few weeks.

The challenge was delivering a solution that was concise and compelling on an exhibition stand that showcased the breadth of Panasonic's technical capability while at the same time being comprehensive enough to define the specific Zetes products on their global website.

The Solution:

We produced two supply chain films that addressed the merits of each product in some detail and how they integrated with Zetes’ end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Using carefully selected stock footage with animated overlaid illustrations to support the narrative, we created two films that could work looped together on the stand or viewed independently on the website.

The Result:

The two supply chain films were completed and supplied to the Panasonic team in Japan so they could be incorporated in the play reel for the stand build and shipped to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show.

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