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Shell Parkour

CASE STUDY - raise Shell's on-campus profile and bring the Employee Value Proposition to life!

The Challenge:

  • As a major global graduate recruiter, Shell constantly needs to enhance its profile and differentiate its position.
  • Additional challenge of launching a new Employee Value Proposition: Achieve more together.
  • Develop a new initiative to maximise the potential numbers of students attending its campus events.

The Solution:

  • Create a new sub-brand for Shell’s graduate marketing programme – Choose your own path.
  • Focuses on using Parkour of Free-Runners – highly skilled athletes who jump and somersault off walls and other solid structures.
  • This concepts mirrored the proposition and aimed to gain high levels of awareness
  • Key to this project was an integral on and off line marketing campaign that involved a Parkour film.

The Results:

  • Where parkour activity took place, the projected numbers of students attending the presentations was exceeded substantially
  • Many rose by over 100% compared to previous years and some were ‘sold-out’.

Navjot Singh – Shell Global Recruitment Marketing Manager

We wanted a completely fresh and left-field concept that would not only raise our on-campus profile, but also help to bring our Employee Value proposition to life in an imaginative and relevant way – the Parkour campaign has been a great success and will help us to achieve both objectives.

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