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Ofgem attraction campaigns

CASE STUDY - Powerful attraction campaigns are successful for senior level recruitment

The Challenge:

The Networks Division was the embodiment of a new way of working for Ofgem - encouraging the different sectors to join up whilst maintaining the depth of expertise required. This would enable the regulator to better contribute to the decarbonisation revolution.

Partners and Associate Partners are senior, influential roles and with some major projects underway (e.g. Hinkley Point) this recruitment was pivotal to the organisation and its customers – UK energy consumers.

The Solution:

Having recently experienced great success with marketing another very senior role directly (Chief Operating Officer) it was agreed to focus the attraction budget on creative advertising. We devised a number of print and digital solutions that needed to work independently as well as part of an integrated campaign to bring to life the joined up nature of the roles.

The media was chosen to be as inclusive as possible whilst targeting people with the right skills and experiences and included programmatic techniques to enhance the precision of the campaign.


The Results:

The advertising attracted a strong long-list of applications – from both commercial and public sector backgrounds. Ofgem were able to interview a number of excellent candidates for each role. The advertising budget was significantly lower than the equivalent search fees.

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