Internal and external communication review for Tai Calon

Internal and external communication review for Tai Calon


Dawson Walker undertook a full review of Tai Calon's internal and external communication to increase awareness and reduce costs.

The Challenge:

We want to improve lives, homes and communities. To do this, we need to tell tenants and the wider population about our plans and to encourage them to get involved in what we are doing.

How we communicate those messages will be a crucial strand of achieving our vision.” - Jen Barfoot, Chief Executive, Tai Calon Community Housing.

The Solution:

In consultation with Jen and Hefina Rendle (Communications Manager), we devised a process to review all internal and external communications with a view to recommending what Tai Calon should:

  • stop doing
  • continue doing
  • start doing.

A consultative process

Dawson Walker was keen to make this a truly consultative process involving tenants, staff and board members. The work would ultimately lead to a half day presentation to the Tai Calon executive and senior management teams – where Hefina and Adam Winterton (our lead Consultant) would jointly hold up a ‘communications mirror’ to the organisation in order to:

  • raise the profile of the communications team
  • ensure good communications are advocated throughout the organisation
  • devise a structured, measurable communications plan; and
  • stop wasting money.

The Result:

As a result of the review Tai Calon has cut its annual spend on literature by more than £25,000 a year and saved in excess of £10,000 in staff costs.

Jen Barfoot

The review gave us the evidence to change focus.

Tai Calon is moving away from more traditional and expensive forms of communication to using social media more and even have our own weekly radio programme on our local community station. We now know that ‘one size will no longer fit all.

The team is adapting and changing our approach all the time to make sure we are talking to the right people and they are listening to what we have to say. This has been a great success because Dawson Walker listened to the views and brilliant ideas of tenants and staff.

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