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Bringing a new proposition to life - Case Study

The Challenge:

Cubiks, part of PSI Services LLC is a market leader in the design and delivery of talent assessment methods, tools and solutions. They approached us to work with them to develop a video to showcase their new ‘Inclusive Leadership’ solution.

The video was to include filming with a key client and an academic expert, so was highly visible, both internally and externally.


The Solution:

Starting with a detailed discussion to share best practice insights on video planning and filming, we worked closely with their key stakeholders to develop a storyboard and themes for the filmed ‘discussion’.

Our video crew played a key role in this to ensure that they were fully aware of and involved in the development process and desired outcome for the filming and editing process.

We carried out an on-site recce to identify the best locations and set-up (to mitigate light and noise interference). On the day, our camera and sound crew also took ample B-Roll footage to splice into the film at the editing stage.

We also produced transcripts and sub-titles for accessibility and weaved in animated graphics effects to accentuate aspects of the video and story telling.

Screenshot 2021-01-29 at 16.28.47
Screenshot 2021-01-29 at 16.29.32

The Result:

The outputs (a 2 mins film for internal/customer events, as well as a series of  20-30 sec micro-moments for social media) were all well received and have been used regularly at PSI events and on social media.

Daryl Murray, Vice President UK PSI Services LLC

Dawson Walker worked closely with us throughout to ensure they understood our needs and vision for the video and we were delighted with the final outcome.

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