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NHS 111 recruitment marketing strategy


The Challenge:

More than ever, the global pandemic has shone a light on the integral role that our healthcare services play in our society.

As a rapidly growing not-for profit organisation, HUC delivers high quality integrated healthcare services to over 3.5 million people. This is across Hertfordshire, West Essex, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, as well as Luton and Bedfordshire.

Recruiting paramedics and nurses

Amid the challenges of the pandemic and a stretched clinical workforce across the country, HUC were seeking to recruit a number of paramedics and nurses. This was to support the day-to-day delivery of the NHS 111 service as Clinical Advisors (CA). In a pioneering step to offer more flexibility, these roles were also available to homeworkers.

We were able to support them with a high profile and geographically targeted recruitment-marketing strategy.


The Solution:

We started the campaign by working alongside HUC’s HR, Recruitment and Marketing and Communications teams. We developped a detailed and thorough understanding of the role and responsibilities of a Clinical Advisor within their services. This involved speaking to existing CAs and other HUC staff members to gain a valuable insight into their skills, experiences and career pathways.

This information provided a rich foundation to build a recruitment strategy that would attract and appeal the right candidates.


With the help of our creative and website teams, we created a series of engaging concepts. These drew upon the key values of HUC and the meaningful qualities of the role itself.


Alongside this, we developed and coordinated a dedicated and contemporary, user-friendly microsite. This fulfilled the client’s needs and reflected HUC’s brand. This site functioned as a hub of information for candidates to learn more about the organisation, the role and how to apply.

Targeted media strategy

In addition to this, to raise the profile of the campaign we launched a targeted media strategy across trade specific job boards and on social media. We were also able to reach a passive audience with the effective use of programmatic advertising.

The Result:

The Clinical Advisor recruitment campaign generated a high response rate:

  • 1,000,000 advert impressions
  • 5,522 total clicks
  • 2,609 visitors to the microsite splash page.

From this, HUC were able to shortlist a number of qualified applicants to interview.

They successfully offered the CA role to 9 people.

A portion of these recruits were fully qualified CA’s from HUC’s competitors, which also allowed them to save on Pathways training.

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Deirdre Saliba, Head of HR Strategy and In-Sourcing at HUC says

With a need for Clinical Advisors at HUC, Dawson Walker supported us in devising a targeted recruitment marketing strategy. The team successfully delivered our aims in engaging and attracting the right talent pool for this campaign. From our part, we learnt some valuable lessons. As a first attempt at getting our employer brand out there, it was certainly achieved!

Daniela Crouch, Marketing and Communications Manager at HUC says

Dawson Walker helped us stand out from the crowd with this campaign. It was developed at speed due to the challenges presented by the pandemic. It was a great way to test some of the elements of a wider Recruitment Marketing project we have been working on together. The outcomes of which should drastically change the way we engage with potential candidates as an employer of choice.

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