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Films for Shell that are Informative and impactful


Learn how Dawson Walker supported with informative and impactful films for Shell Shipping’s zero incident shipping conference.

The Challenge:

As part of an ongoing commitment to safety, Shell facilitate a series of “Partners in Safety” conferences with their shipping partners around the world.

This Shell initiative has been running for a number of years and since 2011 the number of serious accidents at sea amongst those partners has reduced from 1 every 7 days to 1 every 62 days – a remarkable achievement.

Their vision however is for a “Zero incident shipping industry” and so it is critical to keep safety at the forefront of minds.

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The Solution:

We developed a series of films that were used to inform and motivate the audience – CEOs of shipping companies around the world.

The first film was an animated infographic communicating the partners’ performance since the 2020 conferences. We made 4 versions each focused on the numbers for the relevant region.

Next, we made a film to launch a conference session about “Learner Mindset” – this year’s step-change initiative. In it we combined voice over with relevant footage and overlaid this with typography, animation and graphics for emphasis. We were mindful that many of the partners do not have English as a first language.

Finally, we interviewed a number of the Shell Partners to get their first-hand experience of adopting a Learner Mindset – and this was played at the end of the session.

The Result:

Sarah Waite, HSSE Manager, Shell Shipping and Maritime

Our aim was to achieve maximum impact of content being delivered fully virtually.

We were extremely mindful of the ‘virtual conference burnout’ being experienced by many and were keen to develop high energy, engaging videos that were visually impactful. Dawson Walker brought to life our messaging and vision through films that now have a life span long after our virtual conference is over.

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