A global student competition for Airbus

A global student competition for Airbus


Dawson Walker supported Airbus with the launched and running of their Global student competition to reinvent the future of aviation and raise the profile of their employer brand making.

The Challenge:

Airbus fly your ideas is a global student ideas competition that challenges students from around the world to innovate with Airbus for the future of aviation. The programme was originally launched in 2008/9 to support and complement Airbus’ ‘Future by Airbus’ strategy, to raise external and internal awareness of Airbus as a global innovator and leader in aviation.

The programme had another important objective – to provide the relationship-building platform for students, and their respective Universities, to engage and interact with Airbus, and learn about the global opportunities for internships and careers for engineers as well as other disciplines. This was a key initiative in the strategy to make Airbus a global employer of choice.

The Solution:

Airbus fly your ideas global student competition is an integrated programme encouraging student teams to develop innovative ideas to reduce the environmental impact of the aviation industry. We developed and built an innovative digital platform to bring the programme to life, allow students to register and collaborate on-line. Clearly this was seen as a great external communications opportunity but it was equally important to excite Airbus people about the competition, to encourage them to get involved and support the programme as Assessors, Expert Advisers and Team Mentors.

Global student competition teams

The Results:

Over 600 Universities from around 100 countries have participated in the programme, with nearly 20,000 students registering to take part. Since launch, over 350 Airbus people have taken an active role in supporting the competition, thus playing a significant part in ‘igniting the innovation spirit within’. We are proud to have worked with the Airbus Corporate Communications and HR teams to conceive, develop and run this fantastic programme.

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