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Build Self Awareness, Find Your Voice, Project Your Brand

A morning of workshops and a networking lunch with around 60 invited delegates – who share a common passion for communications

On Wednesday 12th March Dawson Walker Communications (DWC) joined Craft of Communication, Hedron and VMA Group to facilitate a morning of workshops and networking lunch with around 60 invited delegates – who shared a common passion for communications. We were at RIBA on the 6th floor, the sun was streaming through the floor to ceiling windows and the esteemed company was stoked up on coffee – we were ready to go.


To warm us all up Colin the Mentalist demonstrated to us that we each have brilliant instinctive skills of judgment by being able to spot the liar in our midst. It’s all to do with eye contact (or lack of it) and Juliet (the fibber) also managed to nod affirmation whilst actually saying “no” to the question – quite a feat – why don’t you try it?


After that there were four complementary sessions to choose from:

  • Communicate to Empower
  • Harnessing the power of your employees to build your brand in a social media world
  • Express yourself
  • Build influence to project your brand


DWC devised & ran the session – “Harnessing the power of your employees” for a couple of groups who contributed some excellent input and debate. The session had been informed by “Dawson Walker Communications influence index” – a piece of advance research – the findings of which were liberally sprinkled throughout. We were surprised for example to discover: 20% of respondents say they don’t know of, or don’t have a clearly articulated set of brand values.


The workshop was designed to be as interactive as possible and invited the attendees to contribute their own experiences as well as a practical exercise that called for some quick thinking to work out how best harness the power of:

  • The prolific blogger
  • The enthusiastic CEO
  • The unhappy long-termers
  • The edgy researcher
  • The honest CMO


At elevenses we refreshed ourselves and networked – some people even basked in the sun on the terrace. The debate was lively and it was clear that the delegates were inspired and provoked by the content of the workshops. A few people joined the conversation on Twitter #projectyourbrand.


After the 2nd round of workshops, Colin helped to wrap up the event and taught us how to remember the alphabet backwards in 10 minutes – amazing! There was another opportunity to network over lunch and everyone who I spoke to had been delighted to find this oasis in their busy working lives to learn something new, come up for a breath of fresh air and meet interesting people.


2 - March 17, 2014